Affording a St. Alban's Education

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Affording a St. Alban's Education

The cost of a private school like St. Alban’s  is significant. We are committed to making the St. Alban’s experience affordable to all students who meet our admission criteria and are offered a space through the admission process.

Our tuition assistance program is based largely on financial need.  An integral part of our educational philosophy is to promote socioeconomic diversity among our student body. To achieve this goal, the school allocates more than $40,000 of the annual operating budget to tuition assistance – helping many of our families bridge the gap between what they can contribute financially and the price of tuition.

It is difficult to predict whether a family will qualify for tuition assistance, as circumstances vary dramatically and the demand for assistance changes each year. If after reviewing the cost of attending St. Alban’s, your family feels that paying full tuition would be a financial burden, we recommend you apply for tuition assistance. The following information will help you understand the process and requirements.assistance.  If at any time you would like to have a private consultation, our Business Manager, Amy Harrington is available to do so.

Tuition Assistance

Need-based Tuition Assistance

St. Alban’s seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body and is committed to providing tuition assistance to students who qualify.  Need-based assistance is granted on the basis of demonstrated need and the availability of funds each year. St. Alban’s  follows the guidelines of the FAST, a third party organization which analyzes the financial situation of applicants based on a number of factors. 

Tuition Assistance Application Deadlines

At Registration: Tuition assistance application materials are made available to applicants who are offered a space and indicated their interest in applying for tuition assistance.
April 17: Initial tuition assistance forms must be filled out on the FAST website
May 15: Tuition assistance notifications are mailed.
May 25: Deadline for recipients to accept award for the 2017-18 school year.

FAST Tuition Assistance Application

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