Servant Leadership & Philosophy

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Servant Leadership & Philosophy

St. Alban’s strives to produce leaders who will transform the world for the better, deal successfully with life's crises or problems, and know what it is that God is calling them to be and do by using their gifts.  St. Alban’s students are taught to demonstrate excellent character, personal integrity, moral development, and service to others.

As a community, we are committed to encouraging a servant style of leadership that Jesus himself taught and modeled for his disciples.  Students are taught this through daily chapel and religion classes as well in their day to day dealings with teachers and fellow students.

Our oldest students (6th Grade) participate in a class called “D2A - Disciples to Apostles”.   This class is designed to delve deeper into what servant leadership means on an individual basis.  The students meet monthly and work through leadership curriculum that includes understanding what it means to be a servant leader in your school, in your community and in your home.   6th graders also travel monthly to assist the Food Pantry with food distribution.

Programs We Have Served

Salvation Army Angel
Food Pantry
Humane Society
Tip O Tex Rescue
Sea Turtles Inc.
Maggies House
Boys and Girls Club
Magical Christmas
Loaves and Fishes

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