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History of St. Alban's Day School

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church (www.staec.org) was founded in 1921.  It was originally housed in a brown frame church on East 6th Street between Tyler and Harrison and could accommodate a crowd of 50 people.  The Women’s Guild raised $250 to buy the lot and $1,500 was secured from the American Church Building Fund to construct a larger building.  Mission membership grew from 65 to 141, and before long the little church was filled to capacity every Sunday.  Members applied to become a parish with self sustaining status.  This was granted on January 21, 1939.

In 1948, the church founded St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School as a half-day preschool.   The church and school began to feel the need to expand - but was landlocked at its location.  Under the leadership of Rev. D. Williams McClurken, who arrived in September 1952, $10,000 was spent to purchase 5.44 acres near the outskirts of town.  In 1954, the church and school moved to Austin Street and are now bordered on four sides by an attractive, residential neighborhood. 

Today St. Alban’s Episcopal Church and Day School retain a close spiritual relationship, the school separately incorporated, with its own governance.  St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School is a co-educational, parish day school with a current enrollment of 235 children, ages 15 months (and walking) through grade 6.  Episcopalian in character, the school does not discriminate in its admissions on the basis of race, national origin, or creed.  It is one of the oldest private schools in Harlingen, an agricultural, ranching, and oil community of 65,000 set in the Rio Grande Valley in deep South Texas.  

The school is a separately incorporated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a board of trustees that serves as its governing body.  St. Alban’s was accredited in 1989 by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and continues to be an accredited school in good standing.   St. Alban’s has experienced administrators and faculty, and a harmonious and supportive board of trustees.  It provides a traditional academic curriculum which is considered rigorous.  The mission of the school is “whole child” based, and the school strives to develop its students socially, emotionally and spiritually through a comprehensive religious and fine arts program with a strong emphasis on community service.  Many of the school's graduates go on to become leaders in their schools and their communities.  The school’s balanced approach to education is at the heart of what makes St. Alban's extraordinary.  Small class sizes, an individualized approach to teaching, and an exceptionally dedicated, well-qualified, and experienced faculty create students who are lifelong learners.

St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School enjoys a positive and reinforcing relationship with the church that founded it.  The rector serves as the spiritual leader of the church and school community and is actively involved in the school.  The head of school is an active member of the church.  Along with the assistant rector and youth and children’s ministers, the rector leads chapel and provides spiritual direction for students, parents, and the faculty and staff.   

If you would like your child to have an exceptional well balanced education, consider St. Alban's. Call for a tour today and start your child on the road to learning that is useful, conceptually grounded and real world relevant. 

St. Alban's Episcopal Church and School Past

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